Weeknotes Week 031

This was another week of infrastructure. Most importantly that involved launching a call for participation (and eventually tenders) to build a new website that will be part of HDL. Navigating the public procurement system in Finland has been an interesting learning experience for us, but we're on the right track now and looking forward to being able to actually start work on that project in November. As an aside, anyone interested in a serious innovation challenge would do well to look at procurement policies. Ripe territory there.

On Monday I'll be in Barcelona meeting with the talented people behind Constructing Communication who will be developing the visual identity for the new HDL site. We're excited to work with such talented people.

I finally found a cheap place in Helsinki to have large format drawings plotted out. This was celebrated by printing up a single calendar spanning from October 2009 though September 2010 which yields a new perspective to the project. It's equal parts "wow there are a lot of days between now and then" and "oh crap we have to get moving fast." Marco added the first item: he's taking a well deserved Fall holiday with his family starting next week.