Weeknotes Week 057

Three weeks from today, the first batch of HDL studio members will walk into the studio space and begin an intense week of work. Good thing we're picking up the keys tomorrow and can begin the build out!

We've been so focused on getting the studios squared away that it's hard to stop thinking about the week ahead. But last week some important things happened, so let's try to remember them.

The big item is that we welcomed another six new people to the team. Each of the three studio will have two Aalto University students supporting their work. Marco, Annikki, and I spent Friday morning introducing the new team members to HDL and strategic design. We're very excited to have them–and it's pretty amazing how quickly this team is growing. The studio assistants will be working with us through June.

Justin and I continued to shape up the case studies and website content while XOXCO made a final round of bug fixes. The new site is so very close to being done that I can barely stand it.

Tuesday was dedicated to video editing. Like our website, the brief interviews about HDL 1968 have been one of the items that we've been slowly chipping away at for a long time and they're finally getting close to done. Antti made some magic happen in Final Cut Pro. It will be great to have those videos online eventually.

We continued conversations with Emil+Stephanie who are providing design services for HDL Global 2010. It was a good meeting and we have some exciting plans in the works for the visual character of the event.

Seungho dedicated week 57 to designing a tabloid newspaper that explains HDL. We've been getting so many questions about what we do that it seems useful to have some kind of packaged information. That goes to press on Monday.

And thus week 57 comes to a close. It was busy, but with the first studio looming and many things on the docket, week 58 promises to be even more intense!