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Announcing Legible Practises

On Monday we launched our latest (and last) book, Legible Practises. This post shares the thinking behind the book, but if you just want to get your hands on it you can download...
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Weeks 194-196

In another window I'm working on a draft of the feedback form we will send to the 12 Open Kitchen participants. That makes this weeknote a procrastination technique. Again. A snapshot from...
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North and South

As Bryan has already noted, a month ago I left Sitra, left Helsinki and moved to Italy, where I’m the now the CEO of Fabrica, a communications research centre and trandisciplinary studio. (You...
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Week 186

Last week we hosted Helsinki Design Lab Global 2012. The event was almost a year in the making, and you would've seen it referred to obliquely a couple of times here. We'll post a fuller update...
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Weeks 171-173

As I write this, my mind is a few days in the future, thinking about Friday at 9:30 when we will kick off "official" HDL 2012 activities. That's a rather serious-sounding way of saying that Justin...
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Weeks 166-167

When a weeknote stretches to two weeks, we're flat out. This is a two-week-note. Marco's in Chicago with the mayor, Dan's in Milan giving a lecture at the Politecnico, and Justin's about to...
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Week 161

A week spent looking inwards and outwards. Lots of work with Sitra colleagues last week - across public affairs and communications; talking to the business development team; moving forward with our...
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Week 136

Notes rather than thoughts/links this week, if you don't mind. First up, a few meetings. Bryan and I caught up with Ville Relander, the City of Helsinki's PM for their Food Culture Strategy. Many,...
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Guest Blog: The Takeaway is People

Editor's note: We offered this blog as a platform to four HDL Global participants who are documenting the event for everyone to get a glimpse of how things went down. This is one such post by Rory...
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HDL Global Day 1 in Pictures

HDL Global 2010 was designed as a social gathering, so what better way to emphasize this than to start with a dinner? The first day of the event started at 18:00 in the spectacular ballroom of...
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A Dinner Conversation

Alejandro Aravena, a designer from Chile, and Jan Vapaavuori, Finnish Minister of Housing, in conversation with Tyler Brûlé at the opening dinner of HDL Global.
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Week 063

It's already the wee hours of Monday, so technically this weeknote is being written on the first day of the HDL Studio on Sustainability. Tonight we welcomed the team to Helsinki with a quick...
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Welcome to the new HDL

What do single use surgical instruments for the global market, social housing in Chile, and waste management in Bangalore have in common? When we set out to define what Helsinki Design Lab means by...
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Case study: From Shelter to Equity

At the end of the 20th century Chile was thriving, yet it still had a large informal sector, which included many people living in slums and participating in an informal economy. The government... Learn more

Case study: Thinking Big By Starting Small

With a background in entrepreneurship, and experience co-founding one of India’s leading design schools, Poonam Bir Kasturi was no stranger to big challenges when she began to take note of the... Learn more

Week 037

In the interest of being consistent, I'm checking in with another weeknote even though it's late and I'm tired. Very tired. This week began in Santiago with Justin and I visiting the Ministry of...
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Week 036

One week and eight thousand kilometers later, Justin and I are in Santiago de Chile where we've been the guests of Elemental as we learn about this incredibly unique and exciting project. Elemental...
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